Co-op Student Stories

Daniel Paulino

“Co-op gives you a new appreciation for the subject and allows you to apply the knowledge you gain from class,” he says, adding that it helps students hone their skills in a “safe environment.”

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Devin Kavanagh

Since high school, Devin knew he wanted to make gaming more than a hobby. Like many burgeoning developers, he started off small – creating simple games like a tic-tac-toe clone. “I’ve always liked games and I’ve played since I was little,” he says. “When it comes to development, I learned by building and trying things out. I failed a lot of course, but that’s how you grow.”

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Evgeny Vinnik

Evgeny found that setting ambitious goals helped keep him motivated to excel. During his second term, he was determined to learn to write a Software Development Specification (SDS) – a written document, usually created prior to any actual design or development work, of a customer’s system requirements – for a new functionality required by a project plan. He succeeded, and delivered the entire feature almost by himself. He even managed to merge his patch into the main code branch.

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Matthew Torgerson

On his current co-op placement in Sunnyvale, California, Matthew’s work cube is in Intuitive Surgical’s development lab, surrounded by high-tech surgical-assisting robots. “You can use them when it’s open,” he says matter-of-factly. “A couple of weeks ago, I opened up a candy wrapper using one of the robotic arms.”

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Parminder Benipal

Parminder secured an eight-month co-op position as client support technician with the Genome Sciences Centre. This leading international centre for genomics and bioinformatics research hosts the latest equipment for DNA sequencing, operating on highly powerful computers and high-speed networks. As a client support technician, Parminder tracked and resolved issues related to software, hardware and network issues.

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