Executive Profiles

Meet the team of 2022-2023!

Co-President: Harpreet Dubb

Hi! I am Harpreet, a fourth year Computer Science student at SFU. In my free time, I enjoy sunset drives, trying out new food spots, baking, and playing badminton. I am thrilled to be a part of this year’s WiCS team and can’t wait to help grow this empowering community for women in tech!

Co-President: Denise Siu

Hi! I am Denise, a Computing Science major and an Interactive Arts and Technology minor in my third year at SFU. Aside from school I enjoy dance, rock climbing and always trying new things. I can’t wait to be a part of WiCS for another exciting year full of events, supporting women and building a community!

Secretary: Rachel Seong

Hi! I am Rachel, a third-year student majoring in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. Outside of my studies, I love traveling to new countries, trying out new restaurants in town, and binge-watching TV series. I am excited to be serving in the exec team this year to help build a supportive and fun community for women in tech!

Treasurer: Manya Sharma

Manya is in her 2nd year pursuing double majors in Computing Science and Mathematics along with a minor in Business. Apart from studying and trying to submit her assignments on time, she loves to explore new places, meet new people, and cook. She feels honoured to be a part of the team where every woman wants to uplift each other.

Communications Coordinator: Katie Sun

Katie is a 3rd-year student studying Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. She is honored to be working alongside an amazing group of women who share a passion for helping others and supporting women in technology. Besides attending 8:30 am lectures in her bed, Katie enjoys spending time baking desserts, taking evening strolls around her neighborhood, and jamming out to upbeat k-pop music!

Grad Coordinator: Vishakha Verma

Hi! I am Vishakha, pursuing a Masters's degree with Big Data as a specialization, prior to my Master’s I was working in the Analytics industry. I am passionately inclined toward Big Data and Data Science. Looking forward to being a part of the WiCS executive team this year. Outside work I enjoy nature, racket sports, swimming, and always open to communication and interacting people !

Co-Events Coordinator: Kaitlynn Chan

Hi! My name is Kaitlynn and I am a fourth year Computer Science student at SFU. Aside from school, I am often trying out new recipes and enjoy being active. I am very excited to meet everyone and can be reached through discord or can be found hanging out in the common room.

Co-Events Coordinator: Clare Provenzano

Clare Provenzano is in her third year of Computer Science at SFU, and also pursuing a certificate in Urban Studies. She is excited to help plan events to connect and promote women in computer science! If not at work or school, you can usually find her trying new recipes, learning about urban planning, or exploring our beautiful city.

Co-Technical Coordinator: Syeda Mehreen Uzma

Hey everyone, my name is Syeda Mehreen Uzma but I’d like to go by Mehreen. I am a fourth year Computer Science student here at SFU. I have been actively involved with WiCS for the past two years and I am really passionate about its purpose. I believe it's a great place to meet new people and make lasting connections. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and watching movies while also exploring the city with my friends.

Co-Technical Coordinator: Anagha Anil Kumar

Hey! I am Anagha. I’m currently pursuing MS in computing science. My interests lie in Systems and Storage Technologies. During my free time, I love solving puzzles, and listening to and singing Carnatic Music. I am also a sports enthusiast having represented my school team in Football and throwball.

Co-Social Media Coordinator & Marketing: Angela Kim

Hi! I am Angela, a second-year Computing Science student at SFU. I am so excited to work as a WiCS executive this year. Aside from school, I enjoy watching sitcoms and spending time with friends. I am thrilled to work to empower and support women in Computing Science!