Undergraduate courses for Special Audit

At SFU, members of the general public may audit university undergraduate credit courses on a non-credit, Special Audit basis with permission from the instructor.

Special Audit is intended to be a low-barrier access point to university-level education for those who are curious about higher education and wish to learn without the pressure of exams and assignments.

You cannot get degree credit by enrolling in a Special Audit course, and instructors will not grade your assignments, but you're welcome to participate in class discussion.

If you are interested in taking a course by Special Audit, download the application form and follow the steps outlined. Special Audit opportunities are available at all three SFU campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey), providing there is space in the course, and with instructor approval.

For more information, check the FAQ below or email icsinfo@sfu.ca.

Frequently asked questions

I am currently or was previously enrolled as an SFU degree-studies student. Can I Special Audit?

No. Special Audit is intended for those who are not currently or have not previously pursued an SFU degree. Those with an SFU student ID should follow the regular Audit procedures. If unsure, please contact us at icsinfo@sfu.ca.

I've never taken a university-level class and I'm scared I won't be able to keep up or won't have the necessary skills. Can I Special Audit?

Absolutely! The Special Audit program is intended for those who want to test the waters before committing to pursuing a formal degree. Special Audit is also a great option for those who do not want to pursue a degree at all, but simply love learning and want to expand their knowledge

How much does Special Audit cost?

Special Audit fees are half of regular domestic, undergraduate tuition fees and are calculated on a per credit basis. Undergraduate courses are typically 3 or 4 credits. Please note that fees increase every fall semester (September).

I am an SFU employee. Can I use the tuition waiver to Special Audit?

Yes, you can! Follow the instructions on the Application Form under "Eligible Employees using the Tuition Waiver".

Can I participate in class?

Yes, we welcome your participation in class.

Can I use library materials?

As a Special Audit student, you can obtain a library card that will give you access to library resources, including reserve and online materials for your course. Contact us for more information.

What if there are online course materials?

Some instructors use Canvas to distribute materials to students. If your instructor is using Canvas, we will provide you with a computing ID and password so you can access these materials.

Can I attend tutorials or labs?

No. While you are welcome to attend the lectures and seminars, the tutorials and labs are limited to undergraduate students. 

Will I get degree credit for these courses?

No. If you wish to obtain credit toward an undergraduate degree, certificate, or diploma, you need to apply for admission to the university. Once you have been admitted and assigned an SFU student ID, you can enroll in courses as an undergraduate student. Visit the prospective undergraduate website or call 778-782-6930 to find out more.

Will my instructors evaluate my work?

No. You will also not take mid-term or final exams. If you wish to have your work evaluated and obtain degree credit, we encourage you to apply for admission to the university as an undergraduate student.

Is there a record of my enrollment?

We will keep a record of your enrollment in our registration system. You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your payment and you are enrolled in the course.

Please note: A T2202A will not be issued for courses taken through Special Audit. Please contact the CRA for further information and to determine your eligibility for any governmental tuition benefits.

I work full-time. Are there undergraduate courses at SFU that take my work schedule into consideration?

Yes. SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends is a flexible degree program designed to support working adults as they finish a degree in the evenings and on weekends. Visit the SFU NOW website to find the most appropriate contact for your interest .

What courses can I take as a Special Audit student?

In general, most undergraduate-level courses are available for Special Audit with the exception of Business Administration, Computing Science, Education, non-credit, CODE (distance/online education) and all graduate-level courses. 

How can I search for courses available this term?

Go to sfu.ca/outlines and use the search or browse function. Select the categories that apply to your area of interest to see all relevant course information.