Yvonne Tabin

Endowments support the quality and quantity of SFU Lifelong Learning activities and are possible through the generosity of the community. The impact of this support reaches thousands of people locally, nationally and internationally.

Funds adjudicated by SFU Lifelong Learning

The David and Cecilia Ting Endowment for Education for Public Responsibility

This endowment was established in 1994 through a generous gift from David and Cecilia Ting to support education fostering public responsibility. Its purpose is to provide an annual lecture or special seminar in public affairs education or leadership development that is made available to the public.

Community Partnership Fund

This important endowment allows us to provide communities and low-income individuals in the East Vancouver area, the Downtown Eastside and any inner-city community related to SFU with more opportunities to become economically self-sufficient. 

The Salvation Army Development Endowment Fund

Administered by our Community Education Program, this endowment fund was established in 1989 through a gift from the late Dr. J.L. Wighton to assist Salvation Army officers and personnel with pursuing advanced educational opportunities.

Program endowments

Several organizations and individuals have created endowments to support the work of specific program areas within SFU Lifelong Learning.

The City Program Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 1995 through a lead grant from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia and subsequent grants from the Earl and Jennie Lohn Foundation; VIA Architecture, Inc.; and the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services. The fund’s mandate is to support the City Program’s activities, including courses, programs and lectures on land-use and urban issues.

The Seniors Program Directors Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2010 by a generous bequest from the late Alan Aberbach to support staff salaries and related Seniors Program (now the Adults 55+ Program) administrative activities and to ensure that courses for adults age 55 and over can both continue and expand.

The Seniors Program Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2000 by members of the SFU Opsimath Club (Seniors Lifelong Learners Society) to support program operations and ensure that courses for adults age 55 and over can both continue and expand.