SFU CAN: COVID-19 Action Now

SFU CAN is a pan-university initiative to harness our resources in response to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences. As Canada's engaged university, we stand ready to support efforts to address the impacts of this novel coronavirus and to prepare for social and economic recovery in our communities.

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COVID-19 Community Resilience Network

Collaborate with others working on a response to the crisis and increase our collective impact.

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SFU CAN: Our research and expertise

SFU researchers, innovators and experts are on the front-line of the COVID-19 response.

Faculty research and innovation

SFU faculty members are engaging and innovating to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Faculty and staff expert information

SFU faculty members and staff are providing expert opinion on COVID-19-related issues through several media and communication channels.

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Equipment, supplies and facilities

SFU is preparing to answer the call for equipment, supplies and facilities to address the community demands.

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SFU CAN: Our community

SFU is connecting communities, fostering dialogue and supporting recovery.

COVID‑19 Community Resilience Network

To mobilize the capacity of the SFU community to collaborate with communities, we are building a network to help people connect, share resources and take action.

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SFU-Community initiatives

Despite incredible challenges, SFU’s community strength, resilience and knowledge have mobilized early. Explore examples of collaborative action here.

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Alumni community contributions  

SFU alumni are directing their talents and energies in various ways to address COVID-19-related issues.   

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SFU CAN: Our students

Our students make us proud. Hear their stories and lend your support.

Student community support program 

SFU is assisting co-op students and others to undertake university and community work.

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Student community contributions 

SFU students are directing their talents and energies in various ways to address COVID-19-related issues.

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SFU News: COVID-19

Get answers to your questions about COVID-19 and how we are responding at SFU.

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