Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements depend on where you're currently studying, and at what level. We also have shared admission programs with several local colleges.

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Application deadlines may vary depending on whether you're coming from high school or transfering from another college or university.

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High school or secondary school

If you've completed, or are about to complete, your grade 12 or senior year in a Canadian, American, or international high school.

College or university transfer

For students currently enrolled in a Canadian, American, or international college or university, and who wish to transfer to SFU.


These admission pathways operate in partnership with other local institutions.

Other qualifications

Admission information for other applicant categories, inluding mature students, visiting students, and others.

Diverse qualifications

Admission pathway for students who meet minimum admission standards and have demonstrated commitment or excellence in other endeavours, or who have succeeded in their studies despite difficult circumstances.