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Call for Applications to Join SFU’s Accessibility Committee

July 13, 2023
In response to the Accessible BC Act and to meet the goals of the Equity Compass, SFU is creating it's first pan-university Accessibility Committee to identify and remove accessibility barriers across the university's three campuses.

In response to the Accessible BC Act and to meet the goals of the Equity Compass, SFU is creating it's first pan-university Accessibility Committee. The purpose of the Accessibility Committee will be to:

  • assist the SFU in identifying attitudinal, physical or architectural, information or communication, systemic/organizational, technology, and sensory barriers;
  • raise awareness about accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities;
  • set internal accessibility standards;
  • increase accessibility within the organization;
  • provide support, information, and education related to accessibility and inclusion;
  • encourage feedback about accessibility issues;
  • develop an action plan guided by the Equity Compass and interim Accessibility Action Plan; and
  • explore the development of an Accessibility policy and review existing policies.

This committee will be comprised roughly 18-20 members, with a mix of appointed positions and at-large positions. Appointed positions will include student leaders from the SFU Student Society (SFSS), Graduate Student Society (GSS), the Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance (DNA) and members from units involved in key aspects of addressing accessibility at SFU. 

We are calling for applications from faculty, staff, and students to serve as At-Large members on the committee. 

Apply to the Committee

To apply, please first review the mandate above to ensure alignment of interests and experience, and submit an application online. Applications will be reviewed by the Accessibility Steering Group and final selections approved by the VP of People, Equity, and Inclusion. Applicants will be invited to complete a voluntary confidential questionnaire that will include self-identification questions to ensure alignment with provincial requirements.

The responses to this questionnaire will be collected and managed by the Equity Office. Record-level data from this application form and questionnaire will be shared with the VP PEI and Accessibility Steering Group for the sole purpose of ensuring the compositional diversity of the Accessibility Committee as required under the Accessible BC Act. Record-level data will not be disclosed for any other purpose. Aggregated (non-identifying) data will be shared with the Committee and community for reporting and accountability purposes.  

The application process opens on July 13, 2023 and will close on July 23, 2023. 

Member Selection

At-Large members will be selected based on alignment of interest and eligibility, and diversity requirements of the Accessibility BC Act. The committee must, to the extent possible, have members who are selected in accordance with the following goals:

  • Current members of the SFU community (faculty, staff, and students) with representation from Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses.
  • At least half of the members are persons with a disability or Individuals who support, or are from units that promote accessibility and/or support persons with disabilities.
  • The membership reflects the diversity of persons with disabilities. 
  • At least one member is an Indigenous person.
  • The committee reflects the diversity of persons in British Columbia.

Please note that student participants will receive a honourarium for their participation. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Theresa Burley at