Equity Compass

Last updated: April 27, 2023

The Equity Compass is a strategic framework outlining the focus for SFU’s institutional equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work over the next five years (2023-2028) to help build an SFU where all can thrive. The Equity Compass upholds all of SFU’s values as noted in our What’s Next: The SFU Strategy but in particular operationalizes the value of equity and belonging.

The Compass includes: core definitions for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at SFU; the values, purpose, vision and principles upholding the Equity Compass; five EDI strategic goals with 11 associated objectives and 34 calls to action. These will be worked on at the institutional level, led, supported or coordinated by SFU’s inaugural Equity Office.

Engagement process

Over the past year, the Equity Office reviewed 15 SFU institutional documents related to equity, diversity and inclusion (see Equity Compass for referenced documents). Additionally, the Equity Office co-hosted more than 30 roundtable discussions, engaging more than 250 faculty, staff, and students from our community and receiving over 800 lines of feedback on the proposed framework for SFU's EDI strategic plan.

  Groups Engaged Dates


By direct invitation

Senior Leadership Team September 2022
President's EDI Advisory Council September 2022
Chris Lewis and Indigenous Council September 2022
Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Executive and Equity Student Groups September/October 2022
Graduate Student Society (GSS Executive) September 2022
Employee Group Leaders October to December
Campus discussions at Vancouver and Surrey October to December
Academic Women SFU January 2023
SFU Retiree's Association January 2023

Open conversations

Advertised online and by email (What's On newsletter) on October 18 and 20, November 10 and 17, 2022

Faculty October 24 and November 16, 2022
Staff October 25 and November 21, 2022
Students October 27, 2022
Written feedback collection SFU Community
March 14 - April 7, 2023

Resources & recommendations

A collected summary of all the recommendations can be found here.


The Equity Compass survey was open to the SFU community from March 14 to April 7, 2023. During that time, there were 100 responses to the survey from students, staff, faculty and more. An summary of the feedback is available below:

If you would like to share additional feedback with the Equity Office team, contact us:

Next steps

  • Activate implementation plan for 2023/2024 priority actions
  • Support SFU leaders and community in Equity planning throughout 2023/2024
  • First annual status report – April 2024