Transform the SFU Experience

December 04, 2023

SFU is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community where all feel welcome, safe, accepted and valued — where community members know that their ideas, perspectives, identities and experiences are respected and appreciated.  

In so doing, we live out the university’s vision, values and purpose as we work together towards affirming and advancing a community of care working together where compassion for all is key.

As we navigate an increasingly complex world full of personal, local and global challenges that can rapidly evolve, be highly complex and result in uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we continue to support each other as an academic community.  

It is necessary for our community to listen with empathy and make space for difficult conversations with diverse perspectives, responsibly and respectfully, while also defending and protecting the rights of students, faculty and staff to express their views with academic freedom and within the bonds of law. 

SFU is being called on to lead—to model a way forward that is rooted in compassion and open dialogue.  

We can all contribute to building a kinder and more inclusive community. 

Supporting the well-being of all at SFU is a key priority in moving towards a culture of Inclusive Excellence so that, together, we can achieve equitable outcomes for all who work, live, teach and learn at SFU.   

ACT now! Find out more about what you can do to Affirm a community of Compassion Together here at SFU.