What's Next
for SFU

Informed by all we heard from our communities, What's Next: The SFU Strategy is here. Come along as we begin this next stage of our journey.

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Across our history, from 1965 to present day, SFU has responded to the changing needs of both the world around us and the people and communities we serve. And now, it’s time for us to evolve again.

Here is where we're going next—and how we plan to get there.

Who we aspire to be

We are a leading research university, advancing an inclusive and sustainable future. 

Why we exist

We create and connect knowledge, learning, and community for deeper understanding and meaningful impact.

Four priorities represent our framework for action as we work across the university to bring our vision and purpose to life.

In order to ensure that we are being accountable to the community and keeping track of progress, a working group will be formed for each priority. This working group will be responsible for setting goals, driving the work and reporting back on outcomes. Learn more about how we're implementing the strategy across SFU.

Uphold Truth and Reconciliation

As a place of education, SFU recognizes our responsibility to illuminate the truth of Indigenous people in Canada and around the world and to begin charting a path towards Reconciliation. 

Engage in Global Challenges

With leading researchers in today’s critical issues, combined with our focus on developing entrepreneurship and a global mindset in our students, SFU is ready to effect positive change.

Make a difference for B.C.

SFU has an outsized impact on the province. We make a mark through our people, research, partnerships and spaces, bolstered by our collective attention to community engagement.

Transform the SFU experience

To achieve our priorities, we need to put students at the heart of all we do, create the conditions for faculty and staff to flourish and actively embrace possibilities and new ways of doing things.

Our values guide us as individuals and as an institution. The alignment and, in some cases, apparent tensions between the values encourage us to think carefully about the choices we make. We will embed these values in every decision and every action, and hold ourselves accountable for doing so.

Academic Freedom and critical thinking

We honour the autonomy of intellectual enquiry and explore ideas with academic rigour.

Excellence and responsibility

We aspire to high standards and truth in information, accountable to one another and the public.

Respect and Reciprocity

We build and sustain relationships with care and a desire for mutual growth.

Equity and Belonging

We create an inclusive, supportive and affirming community, where all thrive.

Engagement and Openness

We seek and include diverse perspectives and a wide circle of involvement.

Resilience and Sustainability

We steward resources effectively, with the needs of present and future generations in mind.

Innovation and Adaptability

We learn, unlearn and embrace uncertainty through discovery and failure.

How We Got Here

We engaged in an extensive series of community conversations to gather input on this strategy. Learn how our communities shaped What's Next for SFU.

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