Meet the Chair


David Zandvliet is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University and holds the UNESCO Chair in Bio-cultural Diversity and Education. Based in Vancouver, Canada he is the founding Director for the Institute for Environmental Learning and an Associate member in the Faculty of Science at SFU. An experienced researcher, he has published articles in international journals and presented papers on six continents and in over 16 countries. His career interests lie in the areas of science and environmental education with a special focus on the study of learning environments. He has considerable experience in the provision of teacher development and has conducted studies in school-based locations in Australia, Canada, Malaysia Sri Lanka and Taiwan. David leads environmental education programming at SFU including directing field schools in diverse locations including: Vancouver, Haida Gwaii, Hawaii, and Indonesia.

Some Recent Publications


Zandvliet, D.B. (2019, June). Culture and Environment: Selected Papers from the Ninth World Environmental Education Congress. Rotterdam: Brill/Sense.

Zandvliet D.B. & Fraser, B.J. (Eds.) (2018, Oct.). Thirty Years of Learning Environments: Looking back and looking forward. Rotterdam: Brill/Sense.

Journal articles

Zandvliet, D. & Ortega, I. (in press) Place-based curriculum in Indigenous settings: Stories behind two signature projects. Cultural Studies in Science Education.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2019). Ecological education via ‘islands of discourse:’ Teacher education at the intersection of culture and environment. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.

Zandvliet, D.B., Stanton, A. and Dhaliwal, R. (2019). Design and validation of a tool to measure associations among learning environments and student wellbeing: the Healthy Environments and Learning Practices Survey. Innovations in Higher Education.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2018). STEM and LEAF. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education.

Zandvliet, D.B., and Bruikhuisen, A. (2017). SPACES for Learning: Development and Validation of the School Physical and Campus Environment Survey. Learning Environments Research 20(2), 175-187.