4. As a final step in the assessment process, units should develop actions to facilitate continuous program improvement, based on the results of their data analysis.

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Educational Goals for Academic Programs

At Simon Fraser University, all academic units define Educational Goals (EGs) for their programs.

EGs support student learning by providing students with a big-picture overview of a program of study. They help students understand:

  • What they can expect to know and be able to do by the time they graduate. 
  • How their learning in individual courses contributes to the knowledge, skills and abilities they are expected to achieve. 
  • For prospective students, EGs describe a program’s aims so they can differentiate your program from other similar programs. 

Support for Your Unit

This website provides you with templates and information to support you in every stage of the EG process.

For more information about the timeline for External Reviews, please visit the VPA website, which includes a link to the Senate guidelines.

If you’d like support for any portion of the process, please contact Learning Experiences Assessment and Planning at leap@sfu.ca.

Educational Goals Assessment

Educational Goals assessment is a process that allows your department to reflect on how well your students are attaining a program’s EGs.

EG assessment is faculty-led and integrated into the External Review cycle. It provides your unit with an opportunity to identify program strengths (and areas of potential improvement) and can be done in a way that supports program improvement without adding an onerous workload.

There are three stages to the assessment process, as illustrated in the interactive diagram below: Define and MapPrioritize and Plan; and Assess, Reflect, and Implement.