Senior Researchers

Dr. Sergio Sepúlveda

Associate Professor, FRBC Chair in Resource Geoscience and Geotechnics


Research Interests: Engineering geology, landslide mechanisms, rock slope stability modelling, rock mass characterization, applications of remote sensing on slope stability, debris flows, glacial landslide hazards, landslide susceptibility and hazard mapping, earthquake-induced landslides, earthquake site effects relationships with topography and surface geology.  

Prof. Doug Stead

Professor Emeritus


Research interests: Application of remote sensing techniques in the evaluation of slope instability, numerical modelling in rock slope stability, applications of mixed/virtual reality in engineering geology, application of rock engineering principles in the evaluation of natural hazards, influence of structural geology and tectonic damage on rock slope instability, open-pit geomechanics, underground mining geomechanics, numerical modelling of hydrofracture, 3D modelling of underground excavations, applications of combined FDEM-DFN in rock engineering, new methods of rock mass characterisation based on connectivity, numerical modelling of underground block caving with special reference to induced subsidence, integrated acoustic emission-numerical modelling of brittle rock fracture.

Dr. Davide Elmo

SFU Adjunct Faculty and Associate Professor at UBC


Research interests: Rock mechanics, rock engineering design, numerical modelling, discrete fracture network engineering applications in rock engineering and mining, cognitive biases in rock engineering design. 

Dr. Marc-Andre Brideau

SFU Adjunct Faculty and Senior Engineering Geologist at BGC Engineering Inc.


Research interests: Rock slope stability, geohazard risk assessment, landslide runout analysis.

Dr. Sonia D’Ambra

SFU Adjunct Faculty and  Principal Mining Rock Mechanics Engineer at Hamilton & D’Ambra Consulting Inc.


Research interests: Rock mechanics, rock mass characterization and structural interpretation, rock slope design and stability assessment, open pit design, numerical modelling, excavation/infrastructure interaction analysis, slope stability monitoring.