The Roundtable aims to raise awareness of existing community-based and public health care programs that address the mental health needs of LGBTQ2 communities. These include:

  • Community Education Program at the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia
  • Access and Assessment Centre at Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Foundry Vancouver Granville (formerly Inner City Youth)
  • Still Here photo-voice project documenting experiences of LGBTQ/2S/+ people affected by suicide, at the UBC Men’s Health Research Program
  • Mental Health Program at the Health Initiative for Men
  • Bifocus, a peer-led social and support group for bisexual, bi-questioning, and pansexual individuals, at QMUNITY
  • The Network BC gbMSM Health Resource, at the Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health
  • Bute Street Clinic, a free sexual health clinic for LGBTQ/2S/+ people, housed at QMUNITY
  • Health Promotion Case Management, supports for physical, social, cultural, mental, sexual well-being of multiple communities affected by HIV, including trans people, and gay and bisexual men
  • MindMap, a tool for finding LGBTQ2-affirming mental health services
  • BC Centre for Disease Control, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority, providing provincial and national leadership in public health
  • Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity advances gender and health equity among under-serviced populations by driving collaborative and cutting-edge research, evidence-based policy and clinical/community practice.
  • Qmunity, BC's queer, trans, and Two-Spirit resource