Welcome to the Somers Research Group

Our research addresses mental illness, addiction, crime, security, and human displacement. We use advanced methods to identify risks and to examine the effectiveness of interventions. This website provides access to some of our scientific papers, brief reports, and media.

Materials are organized around these themes:

Prevalence of Addictions and Mental Illnesses

How common are addictions and mental illnesses in different countries, across Canada, and in sub-populations?

Public Health and Public Safety

There is a complex relationship between addictions, mental illnesses and the justice system. What are the effective strategies to prevent crime and promote recovery?

Housing and Health

Addictions and mental illnesses are common among people who experience homelessness. What are the costs of homelessness? How does homelessness occur?  And what are the best strategies to end chronic homelessness?

Mental Health and Addiction Resources

We’ve developed a few resources: to help people help themselves; for professionals; and in partnership with governments.

Life Trajectories

We're investigating the origins of complex problems and identifying the factors that influence positive or negative life trajectories.  This research is designed to support early intervention and prevention programs.