COSINIYE Paul, Beginning, 2013, giclee, ed. 7/30. Gift of the Salish Weave Collection of George and Christiane Smyth, 2021. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography.


COSINIYE Paul’s giclee print depicts seeds inside an abstracted image of an apple, evoking notions of growth and renewal and the connection that Coast Salish peoples have with the earth as ancestor, and the importance of environmental sustainability for all our futures.

COSINIYE Paul is from the T'sartlip First Nation and is one of a younger generation of recognized Coast Salish artists. They are the youngest child of artist Chris Paul and the sibling of artists Liam Paul and Sage Paul. C̸OSINIYE works predominantly with drawing and painting in a recognizably Coast Salish style, and is learning to carve small cedar objects and how to work with wool in their ancestors’ tradition.