Kika Thorne, The Question of a Hunch, (2015). Installation view of Geometry of Knowing Parts 3, 2015. Photo: Blaine Campbell.

Talk: The Question of a Hunch: Event with Kika Thorne, Steven Dodge, Am Johal and Vance Williams

Saturday, March 21, 2015, 12pm
SFU Gallery    

Artist Kika Thorne's new work, The Question of a Hunch in Part 3, engages geometry, the visible spectrum, and magnetism as a field upon which to project questions of chemical composition and its political ramifications. In relationship to her work, Thorne will lead a panel discussion with the question: how can carbon be separated from oxygen? Thorne will be joined by physicist Steven Dodge, writer and activist Am Johal, and chemist Vance Williams to discuss breaking down the form of carbon dioxide from the bonds and forces that make it a stable molecule to the collective will to stop producing it.

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