Anna Banana, Invitation to “The Pandemic is a Portal,” 2020.

Anna Banana: Invitation to “The Pandemic is a Portal”

Presented as part of The Pandemic is a Portal

With Invitation to “The Pandemic is a Portal,” Anna Banana solicited responses from her extensive mail art network, asking them to consider how we form communities in response to the myriad upheavals caused by the pandemic. Included here are the responses from 47 artists from her network. The call and response of this performance is an exercise in community building, maintenance and care, and the result of Banana’s decades long commitment to her mail art community.

Participating artists:

Angela Caporaso, Bill Friesen, C. Merhl Bennet, C.T. Chew, Circulaire132 / RF Côté, D.C. Spaulding, Dale Roberts, Domenico Ferrara Foria, E. Varney, EVER ARTS /  johan, Francine Desjardins, Frederick Cummings, Giovanni and Renata StraDaDa, Gordan M. Friesen, H.R. Fricker, Harley Spiller, Heather Conn, Helena Handbasket, Henning Mittendorf, Honoria Starbuck PhD, i. gh. Private World, Irene Dogmatic, Jas W Felter, Johanna Drucker, Karen Wood, Kathleen McHugh, Kiyomitsu Saito, LA DADA, Little Shiva, Lois Klassen, Luc Fierens, Marci Katz, Martín La Roche, Mikel Untzilla, Paul B. Ohannesian, Rafael Gonzalez, Robert Kinnard, Rod Summers/VEC, Rolf Soaesman, RoseAnn Janzen, Ryosuke Cohen, Sabela Baña, SHMUEL, Stephen A Caravello, Susan Gold, Tohei Mano, Vittore Baroni

Anna Banana’s pioneering practice, active since the early 1970s, includes performance, mail art and small press publishing. Banana founded the publications Banana Rag (1971 – 1976), Vile Magazine (1974 – 1982) and Artistamp News (1991 – 1996). Her work is held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among many others. Banana owns and operates Banana Productions, where she is Top Banana. She lives in Roberts Creek.

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