Natural Color Productions, The Bloedel Conservatory, unknown date (1970s), City of Vancouver Archives.

Lucien Durey: Blue Feather with Skittles

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Blue Feather with Skittles (2020) is a series of sound works created in May of 2020 for various sites in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. The project combines field recordings, foley techniques and song to contemplate the park’s bronze sculptures, its ambling public and the birds within the Bloedel Floral Conservatory.

Blue Feather with Skittles: Kramer

Blue Feather with Skittles: Sleazeball

Lyrics of Blue Feather with Skittles: Kramer, and a transcription of the dialogue in Blue Feather with Skittles: Sleazeball can be downloaded here: 

Lucien Durey is an artist, writer and singer based in Vancouver. His mixed media and performance-based practice engages with found objects, photographs, sounds, and place. Recent exhibitions include Crocodile Tears, Unit 17 (Vancouver); Motion & Motive, Susan Hobbs Gallery (Toronto); TWO ROOMS, Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver); Phenomenal Hosts, Neutral Ground (Regina); and Paraphernalia, Burrard Arts Foundation (Vancouver). He holds an MFA from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

[Image description: The recto and verso sides of a postcard are collaged beside each other.

[The face of a landscape-oriented postcard, turned on its side and presented in portrait orientation. The postcard image is a 1970s photograph of the interior of the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver that has faded slightly. The colour palette is muted by modern standards. The foreground features a lush assortment of fluffy red and yellow flowers mixed in with several light green and variegated plants. In the midground, a pergola with vegetation growing on it, flowering and non-flowering trees. In the background, taller trees of many types growing up against the structure of the building. The building is a triodetic dome, a series of metal bars configured into an array of equilateral triangles wide at the bottom and bending into a dome at the top. It is overlaid with glass so that the entire surface of the dome is a series of triangular windows, letting in sunlight.

[The backside of the postcard, also presented in portrait orientation. This side has yellowed slightly with age. A cursive inscription in blue ink is written sideways, influencing the display choice of the postcard flipped on its side. “Just a ppc to let you know you are not forgotten. Send a line sometime. Still nice and mild here. Fall colours. Lovely trip to Whistler recently and lunch there. Lots of flower baskets at hotel wh. you must know well. Sunset gorgeous on return trip. Nephew here fr. Eng. recently. No jobs so ret. Eng. Weather nice. Autumn colours now. Lovely time of year. Is it beautiful where you are? Is there any book you want? My love and [unclear script].” Signed, “Emer” (or Emily). The address lines are blank save for “Miss” on the top line. There is no postage stamp. A formal typed description is printed on the postcard reading, “The Bloedel Conservatory, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This beautiful floral display featuring a Gazebo with statue is surrounded by colorful plants of Celosias, Lantanas, Chrysanthemums and Caladiums. The Conservatory feature four major seasonal displays; Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas to add to the interest of the repeat visitors. Photo by Dorse McTaggart.”]

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