Megan Hepburn, Uncertain Yield, 2020, 5:47 min. Courtesy the artist.

Megan Hepburn: Uncertain Yield

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Uncertain Yield (2020) records the extraction of a pomade of Genet [1973], a substance that allows a bank cable of appropriate volume to run back and forth smoothly, without hitch. There is oil, and then there is oil. When sanitized, Genista infesta [2008] yields uncertain taxonomic hybrids and cultivars of opposing cytokinetic temperament. When reduced, a drying oil such as Genista lucida [2020] will render an olpē, a balm of iron and copper.

Has the oily financial collar come undone? What about the tulips? How to bend something fragile? How to learn to swim, finally, in liquid heavier than water?

See also: Rosa alba, Populus balsamifera.

A version of Uncertain Yield with verbal description is below:

Description by Cheryl Green.

Megan Hepburn's practice is based in painting and perfumery. Her work explores the intelligence of bodies and the translation of diverse forms of knowledge between media. She holds an MFA specialized in painting from Concordia University. She is the 2010 recipient of the Joseph Plaskett Award in painting. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and in Europe. In 2018, she started the natural perfume line Cracher Dans La Soupe Parfum, which she runs out of her Vancouver studio. Recent exhibitions include Material Elements at Elissa Cristall Gallery (Vancouver) and Passing Through Smoke at CSA Space (Vancouver).

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