Cindy Mochizuki, 雪 / Snow (production stills), 2019. Courtesy the artist.

Cindy Mochizuki: 雪 / Snow

Presented as part of The Pandemic is a Portal

Please note that this video is available only until the exhibition closes on July 31, 2020.

雪 / Snow (2019) is part of a larger installation project, Cave to Dream (2019), which uses portals as a metaphor for exploring story and ritual. 雪 / Snow takes place on the last day of a calendar year, following a family as they carefully put together a meal to greet the Namahage demon. In Japanese folklore from the Akita-ken regions, the Namahage demon is said to show up at homes to measure how family members have spent the past year of their life. The demon deciphers who has been bad or good, while also ensuring that family structures are working and sound. In order to confuse the demon, sake and delicious food is presented to trick them and send them on their way — making clear for a new beginning.

Cinematography: Milena Salazar
Sound Design: Antoine Bédard
Editing: Candelario Andrade
Production Assistant: Cherry Wen Wen Lu
Script Advisor: Hiromi Goto
Costume Design: Leah Weinstein
Sound Engineer: Alex Shamku
Site Assistant: Yuko Federau
Camera Assistant: Joella Cabalu
Percussionist: Kage
PerformersJulia Aoki, Saya de Couto-Hoffman, June Fukumura, Manami Hara, Donna Soares, Oomi Sugawara, Junko Takashima Lexi Vajda, and Sophia Wolfe.

This film was produced with funding assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Arts Council.

Cindy Mochizuki creates multi-media installations, audio fictions, performances, animations, drawings, and community-engaged projects. She has exhibited, performed and screened her work in Canada, the United States, Australia, and across Asia. Recent exhibitions include Burrard Arts Foundation (Vancouver), Richmond Art Gallery, Frye Art Museum (Seattle), The New Gallery (Calgary), and the City of Yonago Museum. Her artistic practice moves through and works with historical memory, family archives and processes of storytelling. In 2015, she received the Vancouver’s Mayor’s Arts Award in New Media and Film.

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