Faune Ybarra, At Jericho (I think of Jin-me Yoon’s Long View, later), 2021, Pinhole photography. Courtesy the artist.

MFA Graduating Exhibition 2021: Trajectories of Unlooking

September 9 – 25, 2021
Audain Gallery

This exhibition presents the work of graduating MFA candidates in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University: Karla Desentis Rodríguez, Aakansha Ghosh, somayeh khakshoor, and Faune Ybarra.

In Trajectories of Unlooking, the artists embark on an unbounded search for the spaces, times, and materialities actualizing their interdisciplinary art-making.

From multiple geographies, viewpoints and positions, the artists consider, declare and weave different relational understandings of place, individuality and identity. They translate these perspectives into living documents: books, photography, video, installation, performance. Together, these works forego fixed grids and linear patterns of connection, exposing the bonds sustained through creative acts of juxtaposition: between image and text; a body and its reflection; time and its spatial apprehension. The artists balance curiosity and a sense of exploration as they materialize various thresholds — windows, mirrors, a camera’s aperture, even light itself — that give rise to the ideas of perception, legibility, and repetition reflected in their journeys.

The exhibition of a graduating project represents the culmination of a candidates studies, and is presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts.

Presented by the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU in partnership with SFU Galleries.


Opening Reception
Wednesday, September 8, 7 – 9pm
Audain Gallery

Performance: TEJEDORA
Karla Desentis Rodríguez
Thursday, September 9, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Audain Gallery