NEWS: Through a Window: Listen Through a Window

SFU alumni, students and faculty were invited to submit sound work that sonically referred to the patterns and flows of the city—especially travel along the Hastings Street corridor—in connection with the overall themes of SFU Galleries summer exhibition Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-2015, curated by Melanie O’Brian and Amy Kazymerchyk. These sound works comprise an Audio Archive that activates Hastings Street, rhythmanalysis and SFU’s importance to the development of soundscapes. New works will be added to the archive regularly. We encourage you to listen to each sound work site-specifically, therefore downloads have been enabled. Click here to visit the Audio Archive and listen to SFU in the city. 

For more information on Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965–2015 click here.