TEXT: Through a Window: Rhythmanalyses and Wheatpaste

july 16, 2015

'I saw these posters near Eugene Choo and came by the gallery to see what’s going on.’ A visitor flips through a folded package of colourful sheets of newsprint at the entrance to SFU Galleries’ exhibition Through A Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-1915.

Some of the posters are stacked and offered to visitors at the entrances to both the Audain and SFU Gallery. Each of the series of seven posters features a stamp listing the time and place of each rhythmanalysis, an exhibition description and more interestingly, a print of an originally composed and handwritten text by an author who engaged Henri Lefebvre’s rhythmanalysis, through observations of human, mechanical, architectural patterns and flows made at sites that connect SFU to the city. The authors themselves are also affiliated with SFU as former students and current or former faculty.

Examples of these posters include a text entitled ‘Anaphors’ written by SFU alumna Laiwan about the comings and goings around Or Gallery, an artist-run space that she established. Another is written by Kathy Slade from the window of the Audain Gallery, looking out onto the street of a rapidly changing city block: “A smiling couple wearing grey t-shirts and black rucksacks head east, then a woman on a vespa cradles a phone to her ear while driving west, then a young man in a Judas Priest t-shirt walks east.”

For more information on Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965–2015 click here.