Take Your Time

October 31 – December 12, 2009
SFU Gallery

Participating artists:
Rebecca Brewer, Ron den Daas, Colleen Heslin, Damian Moppett, Heather Passmore, Gary Pearson, Ben Reeves, Neil Wedman

Slow down and chill out. Get laid back and take a deep breath. Make a painting about slowing, chilling and laying back. That’s what these eight artists have done—making work that is lost in time somewhere between the past and the present, between leisure and culture, and in one case very much between death and life. The only way to save British Columbia is to slow it down, return to how it used to be, back to before daily crises and daily assaults on culture. The SFU Gallery (and you) are lucky to have these models of contemplative living all gathered together in one place, on scenic Burnaby Mountain.

Taken as a whole, this exhibition posits a partial theory of leisure. Ron den Daas and Rebecca Brewer are at the beach; Heather Passmore’s people have had too much of life; Colleen Heslin’s characters are reading J.D. Salinger and Damian Moppett’s are working on his toe nails; Neil Wedman’s people are taking time for a dance, Ben Reeves’ for a smoke and Gary Pearson’s for a latte or a glass of wine.

Curated by Bill Jeffries.


Opening Reception
Friday, October 30, 2009, 7–9pm

Taking a Deep Breath: A panel discussion with four of the artists in the show
Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 7pm
Room 1600, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street.