Henri Robideau, Empire Stadium

Henri Robideau & Svend-Erik Eriksen: Vancouver Panoramas

Teck Gallery, Vancouver
February 10 – April 9, 2006

Vancouver's history is captured in these striking panoramic images contrasting the quiet Vancouver of the 1970s with Vancouver as a site of protest in the 1980s. In Svend-Erik Eriksen's images the “worst” strip of Hastings Street, from Main to Victory Square, is shown as it was in 1973 – quiet, peaceful, serene, and with a stunning wealth of architectural detail. Henri Robideau's photographs show that even the police were protesting back in 1981.

Both of these artists demonstrate that the panoramic photograph is the best available form for giving us a comprehensive view of the world and, in these particular images, for bringing the essence of street activity to viewers. By taking in more, these photographs reveal more, and by revealing more, they are a corrective to the hidden biases that inevitably attend selective photographs of small sections of the social world.

Curated by Bill Jeffries.


Artist and Curator Talk
Saturday, March 25, 2006, 4pm
Teck Gallery, Vancouver