Mizuki Giffin, pursuing an honours degree at SFU in World Languages and Literatures with a minor in English, is recipient of the Robert C. Brown Award.


She excels in class and out: Student wins prestigious award for academic achievement and outstanding leadership

June 02, 2021

She’s well-known as Engagement Programming Assistant (EPA) for Arts Central at SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and before that, Student Library Assistant at SFU’s Belzberg Library.

Three times a volunteer for the World Literature Student Conference, she rose the ranks as assistant coordinator, then coordinator, then as the conference’s producer.

Her leadership shines in her roles as President of the World Languages and Literatures Student Union (WLLSU) since 2019, and Co-Communications Coordinator of The Lyre magazine since 2020.

For two years, she volunteered every week at SFU’s Student Learning Commons (SLC) in not just one but two roles: an EAL “English as an Additional Language” conversation partner and a Writing and Learning Peer.

While deftly handling all of these responsibilities, she’s maintaining superb academic standing with a 3.98 CGPA, pursuing an honours degree at SFU in World Languages and Literatures (WLL) with a minor in English.

Congratulations, Mizuki Giffin!

Your academic achievement and outstanding leadership are consistent and without question. You are a most deserving recipient of the Robert C. Brown Award.

WLL’s Chair, Melek Ortabasi, describes Giffin as:

the image of the student who excels inside the classroom and out.

Prior to this award, Giffin is a four-time recipient of the SFU President’s Honour Roll, a six-time recipient of the SFU Dean’s Honour Roll, and a seven-time recipient of the SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship. She received the Mike McIntosh Library Undergraduate Award in 2020 and the Caledonia Award in World Literature in 2019.

We at SFU’s Department of World Languages and Literatures, SFU’s Department of English, and SFU’s Faculty of Arts of Social Sciences are overwhelmingly celebratory at Giffin’s presence at our institution.

Ruth Silverman, Learning Services Coordinator at the SLC, says, “Mizuki exudes professionalism, enthusiasm, and competence in everything she does: connecting with her student clients, fostering their independence, and delivering a professional development presentation that was singled out as a highlight of the year by several of her colleagues. “

Brian Fox, Student Engagement Coordinator at Arts Central, says, “She worked extremely well within our team environment, brought out the best in her colleagues, helping other student leaders grow and develop.”

Mark Deggan, World Literature lecturer, says, “Her leadership of the World Literature Student Conference was exemplary for her calmness under fire, her easy manner and fluid exercise of responsibility and command, her patience, and her professionalism in creating order, human interchange, and standards of conduct for the many students involved.”

Ortabasi succinctly concludes that Giffin “has shown leadership in all areas with style and grace. We are thrilled that her achievements are being recognized."

We are already anticipating the great future that she will carve out for herself.

Please join us in congratulating Mizuki Giffin.

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