Studies show that new students who attend SFU orientation sessions have higher grade point averages (GPAs). Our Week of Welcome (WOW) engages students in activities that help them answer burning questions about academic programs, discover co-op opportunities, access housing, health and counselling services and develop a rich campus community life.

SFU rolls out the welcome carpet for prospective students’ parents, encouraging them to help their sons and daughters navigate their journey to higher education and subscribe to a parent-newsletter. Specially trained staff, faculty and peer-student advisors address student and parental concerns through SFU’s World: Campus Visits, guided tours and travelling presentations.

Relaxed gathering spaces staffed with friendly advisors, such as Student Central, Arts Central and the Student Learning Commons, serve as one-stop information centres for new and returning students and visitors.


Help at your fingertips

State-of-the-art Internet-based technologies enable students to access transcripts, schedule classes, take online courses, view co-op opportunities and use an integrated email/calendar system. Internet-based one-on-one guidance helps students stay focused on their academic and career goals.

Thinking of work opportunities?

SFU’s flexible full-year trimester (3 term) system and legendary work integrated learning (WIL) program help more than 30,000 students take advantage of employment opportunities that hone their after-graduation-marketability. WIL Fraser, a friendly online character, helps students navigate regular updates about free career workshops, job postings, volunteer assignments and potential employers.

Check out Student Central

Student Central has friendly student ambassadors are ready to help you. Student Central is a gathering space and a first stop for students and visitors alike to find out what's happening at SFU.

Language is no barrier

SFU's English Bridge Program is designed for students who are otherwise fully admissable to the university but who do not completely meet English language requirements. [ more ]

Got the travel bug?

Traveling with international co-op enables students to uncover treasures in far-flung regions of the world, enhance their higher education and increase their employability. [ more ]