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Building an even better future

For the last 55 plus years, Burnaby and SFU have grown together. When SFU succeeds, so does Burnaby.

SFU contributes billions of dollars to the local economy, provides thousands of good jobs, and provides education and lifelong learning opportunities to thousands of Burnaby residents.

But we are at a turning point.

SFU’s main campus has far outgrown the transit that serves it. Without much more robust transit, SFU won’t be able to realize its full potential on Burnaby Mountain, or its contribution to Burnaby.

That’s why gondola is so critical at this time. A new gondola will mean Burnaby will continue to benefit from being home to one of Canada’s best research universities long into the future.

Local community shows strong support

TransLink recently asked people what they thought of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola. 13,000 people took the survey and the result was overwhelming: 84% of respondents support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.

Support was strong from within Burnaby and beyond, and from students and non-students alike.

31 representatives of local businesses, unions, non-profits and community organizations have also re-affirmed their strong support for the gondola by signing on to an open letter.

We're closer than ever to bringing the gondola to SFU. But our elected officials need to hear from you before a decision is made.

Let Burnaby City Council know why you support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.

Make your voice heard

three reasons to support the gondola


Better for the

By eliminating 50,000 hours of diesel bus operations, the Burnaby Mountain Gondola would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,700 tonnes per year. Source: 2018 feasibility study.


More Cost Effective to Operate

The Burnaby Mountain Gondola will cost less to run than the current fleet of diesel buses, saving taxpayers $35 million over a 30-year period, and 26 buses would be deployed to other communities in the region. Source: 2018 feasibility study.


More reliable transit all year round

At peak hours, students can see up to four buses travel past them, doubling the length of their journey up and down the mountain. In winter snow storms, bus service can be halted altogether. The Burnaby Mountain Gondola would reduce ride time for students, faculty, staff and visitors who commute to Burnaby Mountain from across the Lower Mainland—even in the snow. Source: 2018 feasibility study.

Help bring a gondola to SFU

Let Burnaby City Council know why you support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola

Make your voice heard

shorter, more
reliable commute



The Burnaby Mountain gondola would carry as many as 3,000 people per hour



Commuters from Production Way would see their ride time cut in half



It would free up 26 buses that could go to more suitable routes in Metro Vancouver

What People Are Saying

Hear what students and local residents are saying about the Burnaby Mountain gondola

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More questions about the gondola?

In 2017, TransLink planners studied the issue on Burnaby Mountain and found a compelling case for replacing the current diesel bus service with a Burnaby Mountain Gondola alternative. To learn more about the findings, read the feasibility study.

Ways to show your support

1. Share your transportation story with Burnaby’s Mayor and Council, and let them know why you support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola. Be sure to include your full name and address when writing to ensure your letter is considered.

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2.  Post about why you support the gondola on social media. Be sure to use #BurnabyGondola and tag @CityofBurnaby, @Translink and @SFU.

3. Share this website with a friend or family member and encourage them to show support too!