The Federal Government Lobbyist Registry

SFU is subject to the federal regulations from the Lobbying Act of 2008. If you are in contact with a federal government Designated Public Office Holder (DPOH) or individuals of comparable rank, you must inform SFU Government Relations of the activity.

Should I be reporting lobbying activities?

You must report relevent lobbying activities if:

  • You are having a pre-arranged, oral (in-person, virtual, or telephone) meeting,
  • with a Designated Public Office Holder
  • on behalf of Simon Fraser University,
  • about one of the topics listed below.

What activities are considered lobbying?

Lobbying encompasses a variety of topics, all of which must provide a direct benefit to the university:

  • Development of any legislative proposal;
  • Introduction, defeat or amendment of any Bill or resolution;
  • Making or amendment of any regulation;
  • Development or amendment of any policy or program; or
  • Awarding of any grant, contribution or other financial benefit.

Being contacted by government to submit expert opinion and advice, advocating for the greater good of the public, or discussing peer reviewed grants, are not considered lobbying.

What activities do not need to be reported?

  • Meetings that are not pre-arranged do not need to be reported (e.g. you happened to meet an MP at a local event)
  • Meetings initiated by government do not need to be reported, unless awarding of grants was discussed.
  • As a provincial public institution, SFU is not required to register activities conducted with the BC Government.
  • SFU is not required to report activities conducted with foreign government officials.

How can I report my lobbying activities?

Please use the form below to inform SFU Government Relations of your lobbying activities. The records you provide are submitted to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada each month, and will become publicly availably.

Lobbyist Activity Reporting Form  

If this is your first time reporting lobbying activities, please reach out to the Government Relations Coordinator before submitting any records.


If you are uncertain if you are required to be registered with the Federal Registry of Lobbyists on behalf of Simon Fraser University, please visit the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada website and reach out to the SFU Government Relations team.