The Federal Government Lobbyist Registry

SFU is subject to the federal regulations from the Lobbying Act of 2008. If you are in contact with a federal government Designated Public Office Holder (DPOH) or individuals of comparable rank, you must inform SFU Government Relations of the activity.

Should I be reporting lobbying activities?

You must report relevent lobbying activities if:

If you are uncertain if you are required to be registerd with the Federal Registry of Lobbyists on behalf of Simon Fraser University, please visit the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada website.

What activities are considered lobbying?

Lobbying the federal government with SFU is in cases in which you in your capacity as a representative of SFU is advocating for a benefit to the university. This includes:

  • Development of any legislative proposal;
  • Introduction, defeat or amendment of any Bill or resolution;
  • Making or amendment of any regulation;
  • Development or amendment of any policy or program; or
  • Awarding of any grant, contribution or other financial benefit.

Being contacted to submit expert opinion and advice, advocating on the greater good of the public, or discussing peer review grants are not considered lobbying.

As a provincial public institution, SFU is not required to register activities conducted with the BC Government.

Recording your lobbying activities

To record your lobbying activities, please use the Lobbying Activity Reporting Form to inform SFU Government Relations of your activities. Records are to be submitted by the 7th day of the following month. 

Who are Designated Public Office Holders?

Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH) and individuals of comparable rank refers to staff and publicly-elected officials in the Government of Canada who have comparable decision-making or advisory responsibilities, such as:

  • Elected Members of Parliament or Senators
  • Chiefs of Staff and Executive Ministerial Assistants
  • Deputy Ministers
  • Assistant Deputy Ministers
  • Presidents, Vice-Presidents, or Commissioners of federal agencies
  • Staff in the offices of Leaders of the Opposition in the House or Senate
  • Excluded staff with a salary classification of EX-4 or above