In June 2022, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation provided foundational support to the UCLA SNF Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture and the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University to establish Gefyra (Bridge), a collaborative pilot program intended to enhance academic mobility across the West Coast and from the West Coast to Greece. Gefyra supports students, faculty, visiting scholars, and artists who are interested in broad and creative approaches to Greek culture and knowledge production. The program also provides funding for academic conferences and cultural works that bridge the West Coast and Greece.

UCLA-SFU Pilot Program

The UCLA Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture was established in 2017 by a lead gift from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and matching funds provided by generous members of the Hellenic and Philhellenic community of Southern California. Featuring two named professorships and a named lectureship in Hellenic Studies, graduate and undergraduate student funding, and support for the arts, the Center builds on UCLA’s strengths across many academic fields, placing Hellenic culture within a broad historical and contemporary context. The Center supports a comprehensive set of academic and public initiatives, both locally, through strategic collaborations with organizations in Southern California, and through partnerships in Greece and Cyprus with universities and cultural institutions.

SFU SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies

Situated atop Burnaby Mountain, just east of downtown Vancouver, the Centre is a major site for Hellenic studies in North America and is committed to the advocacy and study of Hellenism. The Centre supports undergraduate and graduate studies on Greece's history, language and culture through its home department of the Humanities. Though at its core, the Centre focuses and supports research at SFU on Hellenic topics, from Antiquity to present-day Greece, through grants and postdoctoral fellowships. 

Gefyra News

Hellenic Photo Competition 2024

The West Coast Consortium of Hellenic Studies Programs invited undergraduate students to submit one photograph taken in Greece during the summer of 2023 for the Hellenic Photo Competition. The theme of this year’s photo competition was periptera (kiosks). Each submission was accompanied by a description, adding depth to the visual narratives.

In Greece, kiosks sell various items, including newspapers, magazines, snacks, and beverages. They are traditional fixtures of the Greek urban landscape. In recent years, however, their number has decreased substantially. Of the 9,904 kiosks found across Greece in 2010, only 4,985 remain open for business today. The reduction in their number makes their documentation imperative.

The winner of the competition was Karla Paniagua Barajas of California State University, Sacramento, whose photograph, Kindness, depicted a peripteras, a kiosk owner who, in addition to selling everyday items, also provided directions and assistance to Karla who was late to catch a flight. Her photograph serves as a poignant reminder of the central role of the peripteras in daily life, a role that has been enshrined in popular literature and music.

Anika Sosa (University of California, San Diego) and Nikitas Politis (University of California, Santa Cruz) received honorable mention in the competition.

Gefyra Resources

Hellenic Resources for Incoming Undergraduate Students

Hellenic Resources for Incoming Undergraduate Students

The aim with this handbook is to assist incoming university students in exploring the rich world of Hellenic Studies, particularly in West Coast North America. It serves as a comprehensive guide to Hellenic Studies classes, esteemed faculty, diverse programs, educational scholarships, and exciting community groups and events offered by institutions throughout the west coast. By linking Hellenic Studies programs across the region, this handbook fosters a sense of community and inclusivity, providing valuable insights into neighboring areas and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and opportunities. We are committed to promoting a vibrant community that embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of Hellenic culture.

The universities currently mentioned in this booklet include:

  • The University of Arizona – Page 4
  • University of Washington – Page 6
  • University of California, Los Angeles – Page 8
  • Loyola Marymount University – Page 10
  • University of Victoria – Page 11
  • California State University, Sacramento – Page 13
  • University of California, San Diego – Page 15
  • University of California, Berkeley – Page 17
  • University of Victoria – Page 19
  • University of British Columbia – Page 21
  • Simon Fraser University – Page 23
  • University of Calgary – Page 25
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Gefyra Toolkit