Judith Kasiama – Coordinator, Anhart Global Village Society

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Judith Kasiama along with her family claimed refugee in Canada in 2010. Judith obtained her BA in International Studies with a Concentration in History, at Trinity Western University, where she explored the intersectionality of race, gender and social economics that impact women in the Global South. After graduating, Judith managed a local coffee shop in Vancouver before starting at Anhart Global Village Society, as a coordinator for microfinance and Community-Based Organizations, and Social Enterprises.

Anhart Global Villages exists to community-based organizations in areas of extreme poverty and armed conflict with privately funded grants that empower local leaders to establish self-sufficient village businesses, distance education opportunities, clean-water supply, health services, safety measures for at-risk persons and resettlement for asylum seekers. Judith is working with a Sustainable Villages program in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti to include a total of 100 participating community-based organizations in low GDP countries of Asia and Central America.

Judith has also worked in several projects with Cherie Enns Consulting, including research approach for child consultation that completed for the World Humanitarian Summit. Judith is in the process of incorporating her own Community Contribution Company, Mesis Global Development, which hopes to provide a full range of customized advisory services crafted to assisting clients who are interested in growing their business and development activities globally. 

In her free time, Judith enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys traveling and learning from the rich, diverse culture that the world has to offer. Her travels include a four-month study abroad program in the Middle East, working with Syrian Refugee in Jordan. She has enjoyed also traveling to Germany, Poland, United States and Australia.