Image Library

Our image library includes hundreds of professional photos of SFU. The library includes our locations, our events, departments and units, areas of research, our community, and campus life.

Photography notice

In this notice "photography" includes still, video, and film photography. The University has the authority under the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s. 27(4) (a)) to collect personal information in the form of photographs. The university uses photographs for educational, recruitment, and promotional purposes. The photographs may be used and disclosed at the University's discretion and included in the University calendar, websites, newsletters, bulletins, brochures, advertisements, annual reports, supplements, displays, reports, and other publications including off-campus news media. As a university resource, image library photos are also made available to SFU's office of Communications and Marketing. That office may use the photos, in part or in whole, to support and promote the university's interests and to enhance its reputation.

If you have any questions about photography on campus or the University's collection, use and disclosure of photographs, please contact

Legal notice

SFU Image Library is intended for SFU’s faculty and staff. We also welcome students to take advantage of this service, as it provides them access to a vast array of SFU stock photography for a nominal service charge per image. This Image Library is not intended for off-campus use. If such use is desired, please contact Executive Director, Communications and Marketing to obtain permission to use SFU Image Library photos.

SFU does not give permission for use of the images in any publication not directly affiliated with SFU, its employees, associates, or students.