Examples of Other International Workers

Sports coaches/Trainers

Full or part time coaches and trainers may be eligible to apply for a work permit under the Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption (exemption code 20) provision.

Proof that Canadians have similar reciprocal opportunities abroad is required.

Performing arts - Dancer, Choreographer, Orchestral musicians

Foreign workers with a job offer at performing arts companies and organizations in the orchestral music, opera, live theatre and dance disciplines may be eligible for an exemption from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (exemption code 23)

Proof of reciprocal benefits for Canadians, including Canadian performing artists and performing arts organizations is required.

Medical Research Fellows

Foreign medical/dental fellows are holders of a medical degree equivalent to that of a Canadian Medical Doctorate who accept to continue specializing in some highly specific field of study to advance clinical or medical research. Fellowships typically have a duration of one to two years.

Medical Research Fellows may apply for a work permit under the Labour Market Impact Assessment (exemption code C45) provision.

Regardless of whether contact with patients occurs, fellows, like all residents, are required to pass an immigration medical exam. 


If any of these categories do not apply to you, please contact immsfu@sfu.ca.