Fall 2022 - HSCI 338 D100

Virology (3)

Class Number: 2149

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    We 9:30 AM – 12:20 PM
    RCB 7101, Burnaby

  • Exam Times + Location:

    Dec 19, 2022
    7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    AQ 5009, Burnaby

  • Prerequisites:

    MBB 222 with a minimum grade of C- or permission of the instructor. Corequisite: BISC 303.



Virology in the context of viral diseases in humans and animals. Viruses, their structures, transmission and replication in human and animal hosts, interactions with hosts and viral diseases.


This course is an introductory lecture course for virology focused on animal viruses (no discussion on plant virus and bacteriophages). It covers basic concepts and topics in the context of viral diseases in human and animals. Specifically, the virus structures, replication, virus-host interactions and a few specific viral diseases will be discussed. Prior knowledge in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology will help. This course is a vital prerequisite for Virology Laboratory (HSCI 441) that will be offered in 2022 spring.


1. Define and discuss technical terms and concepts used in the field of animal virology and viral infectious diseases.
2. Comprehend different viruses in their replication in the host, transmission, infection cycle and host interaction. 
3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of several experimental approaches used in modern and classical virology.
4. Discuss some current issues related to virology and vial diseases in scientific ways from virological angle.


  • Class participation 10%
  • Midterms (x2, 25 % each) 50%
  • Final Exam 40%


There will be one 3-hour class each week that will include lecture and discussion. You are expected to submit a worksheet every week prior to each class. The worksheets are not marked but the submission will be counted towards the calss participation score.


MBB 222, BISC 303 (co-requisite) or permission of the instructor. If you are not plannning to enroll HSCI 441 (Virology lab) BISC 303 co-requisite may be waived. Contact the instructor if you wish to request co-requisite waiver.



Nigel J. Dimmock, Andrew J. Easton, and Keith N. Leppard. Introduction to Modern Virology. 7th Edition. 2016. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated. Available on line from SFU library.
ISBN: 9781119094524 EBOOK


David M. Knipe and Peter Howley. Fields Virology. 6th Edition. 2013. Wolters Kluwer. Available on line from SFU library.
This book is a canonical reference book for animal (mostly human) viruses that cause diseases.
ISBN: 9781469874227 EBOOK


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