Summer 2023 - HIST 468W D100

Problems in the History of Religion (4)

Writing Jesus

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  • Course Times + Location:

    May 8 – Aug 4, 2023: Wed, 9:30 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

  • Prerequisites:

    45 units, including nine units of lower division history.



An advanced examination into the concepts and methodology of the history of religion. Content may vary from offering to offering; see course outline for further information. HIST 468W may be repeated for credit only when a different topic is taught. Writing.


Writing Jesus

            God to Christians, prophet to Muslims, Jesus is arguably the most influential person in world history.  The long fifteenth century (1380-1520) was a turning point in the history of his influence:  Johannes Gutenberg printed the first Bibles, Renaissance painters depicted him in three dimensions, Sultan Mehmed II used a fragment of Jesus's tunic to conquer Constantinople, a dynasty named after him ruled China, and Christ-opher (literally "Christ-bearing") Columbus brought the symbol of the cross to the Americas. 

            Over the past two decades I've been working on a book about how the long fifteenth century  understood Jesus, and how Jesus influenced the development of ethics, history-writing, law, art, music, inter-cultural relations, breathing, sex, and bowling.  Draft 4.0 is now ready to be shared.  This seminar invites you to kick the manuscript's tires, root around through its trunk, re-paint it, and drive it to unforeseen places.  We'll slowly read the manuscript over the semester, and you'll design and complete projects that either do further research on fifteenth-century Jesus or improve (edit, illustrate, test pilot, criticize, market) my manuscript.  Students will have access to the new SFU Library database of thousands of Jesus images, as a possible resource.


  • Seminar attendance and participation 20%
  • Two research papers (4-to-7-page papers, or equivalent) 45%
  • Two research-paper proposals 25%
  • Two oral research-paper presentations 10%


Students with credit for HIST 472W-4 under the topic "Writing Jesus" may not take this course for further credit.

If there's sufficient demand, we will create a hybrid option so that the course could be completed remotely.



No textbook; readings will be circulated via Canvas.


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