Spring 2024 - CA 142 OL01

Music Appreciation in the 21st Century (3)

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    Apr 21, 2024
    Sun, 11:59–11:59 p.m.



21st Century Music Appreciation aims to develop a critical ear and advanced listening skills. The course will take a post-modern approach to appreciation in that it will present a diversity of music from many cultures, styles, and periods in an effort to discover similarities, differences, and defining characteristics. Students with credit for FPA 142 may not take this course for further credit. Breadth-Humanities.


CA 142: Music Appreciation in the 21st Century is a post-modern course in music appreciation. Importantly, it is a course of music appreciation for the 21st century, not of the 21st century; in other words, we will be listening and discussing many more works beyond the last two decades.

All this will be done without any necessary previous knowledge of music theory, music history, or even the ability to read music.

Topics include: Melody; Harmony; Rhythm; Texture; Form and Structure; Song; Timbre; Storytelling; Technology; Dance Music; Political Music; Sacred Music; Function; Improvisation; Women in Music; Media; Style; Background Music; Appropriation; Aesthetics


You will develop a critical ear and advanced listening skills through the presentation of a diversity of music from many cultures, styles, and periods, in an effort to discover similarities, differences, and defining characteristics.

You will build your Music Appreciation repertoire around basic style characteristics such as rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre, and texture. We will cover such general topics as form, song, political music, technology, story telling, background music, sacred music, improvisation, dance music, women in music, and others.

Furthermore, you will develop critical listening skills, or the ability to understand and discuss music on a more informed level. Maybe you will understand better about why you may like a certain style of music, and why you may not like another style as much. And in the process, I'll introduce you to some music that may have similar characteristics, which you may then also enjoy and understand better.


  • Online Quizzes 25%
  • Live Music Review 20%
  • Assignments 35%
  • Online Take-Home Exam 20%



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