Summer 2024 - GSWS 318 B100

Special Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (4)

Indigenous Literature and Film

Class Number: 3151

Delivery Method: Blended


  • Course Times + Location:

    May 6 – Aug 2, 2024: Wed, 2:30–5:20 p.m.

  • Prerequisites:

    30 units, including three units in GSWS.



A specific theme within the field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies, not otherwise covered in depth in regularly scheduled courses, will be dealt with as occasion and demand warrant.


We Are the Best Survivors: Introduction to Gender in Indigenous Literatures and Film

Kai Minosh Pyle (baawiting nishnaabe / rivyer ruuzh michif ) asks “What kinds of gender roles were present before colonization? Likewise, such calls raise questions about the nature of tradition: What does it mean for something to be traditional? How are certain practices and ideas determined to be traditional? Is being traditional reason enough for us to follow certain paths? If not, how do we determine what is the best pathway into the future?” By creating narratives that centre Indigenous ways of knowing, Indigenous writers, artists, and filmmakers counteract colonial stereotypes. Analyzing how colonization “straightened” Two-Spirit, femmes and women’s roles will enable students to understand and appreciate Indigenous peoples’ continuing resurgence and resilience.



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  • Regular Attendance and Participation 15%
  • Monkey Beach novel and film comparison (4 pages) 25%
  • Paper Proposal (4 pages) 25%
  • Final Paper (8 pages) 35%


Note: This is a literature and film course, so be prepared to discuss these genres. We will not be positioning Indigenous peoples in a deficit model but rather through a lens of resistance, resilience, and anti-colonialism.

A Note on Emotional and Difficult Subjects

This course deals with a number of challenging and emotionally-charged issues, and some students may find the content unexpectedly stressful, especially around the discussion of ongoing colonization. Readings and films may include violence, including sexual violence. Please contact me if you have concerns about course content.



John, Jessica. Bad Cree 9781443465489

Pico, Tommy. Nature Poem

Robinson, Eden. Monkey Beach 9780676973228

Whitehead, Joshua. Jonny Appleseed 9781551527253


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