Fall 2021:

Engl 112W Literature Now: Narrative Games (stories about gaming and games that tell stories)

Engl 387 Children's Literature: Privilege and Power: The Art of (Nearly) Dying

Spring 2022:

Engl 234 Metrics and Prosody: Taking the Measure of Poetry (Q), formerly Engl 212Q; for outline, see http://www.sfu.ca/students/calendar/2022/spring/courses/engl/234.html 

Engl 320 The Long Eighteenth-Century Literature and the Romantic Era: We Edit and Publish a Chapbook Anthology, focused on the Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive; for outline, see http://www.sfu.ca/outlines.html?2022/spring/engl/320/d100

Summer 2022:

I'll be on my "one-in-nine," meaning my every-third-year vacation. After that I'll probably be on study leave for twelve months, working on a new version of Engl 387 Children's Literature with (next to) no straight White cishet male writers on the reading list.