Current Research Interests


Documenting the second wave of Greek immigration to Canada (1945-1975). Interdisciplinary project with McGill, Patras University, York. Project website here. Research outputs here.

Changes in Northern Greek

Examining the effect of the process of de-urbanization that has begun in Greece due to the severe economic crisis on the production and evaluation of a rural dialect by its adolescent speakers.

Enclisis in Greek

Examining the pattern of pronoun placement in Hellenistic and Early Medieval Greek in order to provide a full description of the emergence of the pronoun system since Hellenistic Greek and a better understanding of how the various dialectal systems (especially Cypriot) have arisen.

Palatalization of laterals and nasals in Greek dialects

Investigating the change from palatal to alveolar laterals and nasals in rural communities in Greece, with special focus on issues of stereotypes, stigmatization and social awareness of dialectal features.

The effect of frequency-of-use on lexical change

Investigating whether recent claims about frequency of usage as a mechanism of lexical change (Pagel et al 2007) at the macro-level (within IndoEuropean) hold at the micro-level as well. In particular, we are looking at lexical changes within the history of Greek, and Latin. Collaborators: Arne Mooers and Fiona Wilson.

Language Variation and Change in British Columbia English

Various sociolinguistic projects on BC English, mostly following the interests of my MA and PhD students.

If you cannot find one of my papers online, please email me at panayiotis_pappas at sfu dot ca.

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