We build ultra-high vacuum ion traps, table-top optical setups and microwave and radio frequency electronics to control and measure the quantum dynamics of trapped ions. Our current projects in the group are: 

Quantum Structural Transition Project

We are implementing a precision probe of a structural phase transition in trapped ions in the quantum regime for both fundamental interest and potential sensor applications. Using ground-state cooled ions and a stabilized linear rf Paul trap, we controllably quench the linear-to-zigzag transition and use in-situ Raman spectroscopy to probe the properties of the order parameter close to the critical point. This work builds on our prior work with the linear-to-zigzag transition in the classical regime, controlling the quench dynamics and inducing spontaenous nucleation of topological defects.


Trapped Ion Quantum Technology Development

In concert with our science goals we develop technologies to improve and simplify quantum state control of trapped ions, including 3D Sisyphus cooling of trapped ion strings and ultra-stable ion-trap potentials. These technologies are of wider use in trapped ion setups including those for quantum simulation and quantum computing.


Macrotrap project

We build both 3D linear Paul traps and 2D surface Paul traps to confine and manipulate arrays of charged macro- and micro-particles. The setups can be operated at ambient pressure for convenience or in a low pressure environment to reduce the effect of air resistance. This project is research powered by undergraduate physics majors.