Research overview

What is our specialty?

Although we have broad interest in quantum optics and quantum information, our focus is on bosonic systems, which are also known as harmonic oscillator or continuous-variable systems.


Why not? Boson is everywhere! Light, microwave, mechanical oscillation, a bunch of spin or atom, ... all of these are effectively bosons. Apart from that, usually bosonic systems can store more quantum information; some of them can be easily scaled up, and can store information for a long time without decay. There are lots of advantages. One just need people to think more carefully how to build/use the devices, so the physical advantages can be converted to practical benefits.


Basically we study three things: PhysicsInformation Theory, and how to bring these two together

For physics, our aim is to help building better quantum devices. As theorists, our job is to understand the problems of the current imperfect quantum systems, and suggest new strategies to get rid of the imperfections.

For information theory, we study the application of perfect quantum devices if they are built someday. We hope quantum mechanics can generate superior performance over the technology today, but it is not always the case. Our job is to understand the technological advantages and limitations that are imposed by the fundamental law: quantum mechanics.

Perhaps the most interesting part is to bring physics and information together. If we have a crappy bosonic device, can it still be useful? If we want the device to do a task, what bosonic quantum wave function should we pick? There are many interesting and rewarding questions on the boundaries.

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