Displaying of Flags


May 1, 1969

Revision Date

June 8, 1992


AD 1.02

Revision No.


  1.  At the entrance to the University, three official flags shall be flown (as facing the buildings):

    1. Canadian Flag in the centre,

    2. British Columbia Provincial Flag on the left, and

    3. Simon Fraser University Flag on the right.

  1. A fourth flag pole is provided near the entrance to the University to the left of the Transportation Centre which may be used for other flags as outlined below.


  1. Flags of Other Countries

    Flags of other countries may be flown from the fourth flag pole to honour distinguished visitors to the university from that country.

  2. Flags of Royalty and Distinguished Visitors

    Flags of royalty and distinguished visitors may be flown on the 4th pole. They will be hoisted upon arrival of the visitors and lowered upon their departure.

  3. Special Flags

    Special flags such as the U.N. flag, Red Cross flag, United Way Campaign, or the Canadian Legion's poppy flag may be flown from the fourth flag pole upon approval from the Director of Ceremonies.

  4. Flags Flown at Half-Mast

    The flags displayed by the University shall be flown at half-mast when:

    1. a period of national mourning is declared by the Federal Government;
    2. a period of mourning is declared by the Provincial Government;
    3. there has been a death amongst the Faculty, Staff, Student Body, or other group at the University and is so authorized by the Ceremonies Office. In this instance the flags will be lowered in the morning of the day of the funeral or memorial service and shall be raised to full staff late on the same afternoon.

  1. The Manager, Traffic & Security is responsible to ensure that flags are flown in accordance with this policy, to ensure the safe custody of flags, and to arrange with Facilities Management for their raising and lowering.