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What SFU moments make you

Over our 57-year history, SFU has grown from a radical campus to a leading university. In this ThoughtExchange, we want to hear about the SFU moments—big and small—that come to mind when you think about this university at its best.

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What differences should SFU make in the world around us?

Our purpose as a university has always been to make a positive impact on the world. But what that impact looks like might differ from person to person. This ThoughtExchange asks: where should we focus our energy as a community?

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APRIL 4 - 18

What does ‘Canada’s Engaged University’ mean to you today?

For the past decade, SFU has engaged students, research and communities, fulfilling our vision to be Canada’s engaged university. But engaging can mean different things to different people. What do you think an engaged university looks like in 2022 and beyond?

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What values or principles should SFU

For an institution like SFU, values are more than words on a piece of paper. They are a north star that guides us, helping us make decisions and navigate through difficult times. When the world asks us what we stand for at SFU, what do we want to say?

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APRIL 19 - MAY 1

What is SFU's next
bold move?

So far, we have discussed the differences SFU should make in the world and what “Canada’s engaged university” means to us today. We’ve talked about SFU moments that make us proud and the values that SFU should uphold. And now, it’s time to dream big. What is SFU’s next bold move?

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What could we stop doing to make room for renewed priorities?

We all have hopes and ideas for how this university should make a positive impact on the world. But the idea of taking on new work or projects can feel overwhelming when there is already so much going on. What could we stop doing to make room for renewed priorities?

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