Graduate Students

Christina (Miao) Tang, BA

Christina recently defended her Masters thesis on a Quantiative Methods topic in the History, Quantitative Methods area of the General Psychology Graduate Program. She is interested in response patterns on Quality of Life (Mandarin/English forms)  by Mandarin/English bi-linguals; using a participant research framework to patient-reported outcomes measurement research, her specific interest is in response patterns to health-related quality of life for individuals with various thyroid disease. 

Henri Lu, BA, MA

Henri Lu recently completed his  M.A. in the Graduate program in the Clinical-Neuropsychology stream under my research supervision. He is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Clinical-Neuropsychology stream with me as his research supervisor. In his research, he combines his interests in measurement/assessment and clinical-neuropsychology research. His Masters thesis was on the use of Concussion Symptom Assessment Tools with specific attention to the widely used SCAT-3 and SCAT-5; in this work he is able to examine the comparability/differences of scores on these two forms of the SCAT.  In addition, he is interested in language/cultural issues in measurement/assessment. Recently, Henri has been looking at the literature on race-based norms and considering/questionning their use. We look forward to his integration of all of his interests in his research as he works towards developing his dissertation project.

Fereshteh Rashed, M.A.

Fereshteh Rashed is a new doctoral student in the Graduate program in the History, Quantiative Methods area of the General Psychology Graduate Program. She is interested in measurement/assessement issues with application to research on relationship function in the context of chronic illness, such as thyroid disease. Having completed her first two years of the program, Fereshteh has allocated attention to advancing her methodological, technical, and applied skills with extensive coursework in quantitative methods, as well as courses in qualitative research methods and program evaluation. Because of her and my shared cultural background, I have encouraged Fereshteh to explore/incorporate cultural perspectives in her research so that we can clarify/broaden understanding within psychology of diverse lived experiences.

Other Graduate Students

Dr. Fouladi is also currently secondary supervisor for students in SFU's General Psychology Graduate Program as well as in SFU's Clinical Psychology Program (primary supervisors:  Michael Maraun, Kathleen Slaney, David Cox, Grace Iarocci, Alex Chapman, Molly Craincross, Bob Ley). Dr. Fouladi also regularly serves as a regular supervisory committee member for students in the graduate program in Quantitative Psychology at University of British Columbia.    

Lab/Project Coordinators

Zaid Rauf

Zaid Rauf, is currently the lab coordinator for the Statistics side of the work conducted in the MML; he is currently pursuing a joint major in Business and in Computer Science Major.  Prior to Zaid Rauf, Adam Liang was the most recent lab coordinator; he is currently a Computer Science Major. Before that and prior to their graduation, Tomi Mustapha and Paul Serafini were lab coordinators.

Christina Tang, Henri Lu, & Fereshteh Rashed

Chritina, Henri, and Fereshteh  are working together to coordinate specific projects on the Measurement side of the work conducted in the MML.

Henri Lu

Henri primarily works with coordinating projects which have included concussion symptom assessment. We make use of a combination of quantiative and qualitative methods in this work.

Christina Tang

Christina is co-ordinating the data-collection projects with regard to Mandarin/Bi-lingual versions of questionnaires and the experiences of Mandarin speaking persons in China as well as in Canada. We make use of a combination of quantiative and qualitative methods in this work. 

Fereshteh Rashed

Fereshteh is currently interviewing and considering measures of relationship functioning in the context of special populations, with specifi focus on those impacted by stressful life circumstances including migration and chronic diseases. Her work has included interviews regarding the lived experiences of recently migrated couples from Iran, as well as newcomer/international students lived/academic experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Other lab/project management activities.

Henri Lu/Jamie Hystad/Jacob Vlug

Henri, Jamie, and Jacob have worked together co-ordinating the data-collection schedules and projects conducted using English versions of Concussion Symptom questionnaires. Jamie's work in the lab was recognized in 2019 with Crocker Family Scholarship in Psychology (Awarded Summer 2019)

Lindsay Alley

Lindsay has coordinated lab projects on pedagogical practice and questionnaire research methodology. Her work on questionnaire research methodology focussed on the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depressive Symptomology Scale, including evaluation of application of quantitataive and qualitative methodolgies for analysis of text-based data. . Her work in the lab recently was recognized with the Lorne M. Kendall Memorial Award in Psychology (Awarded Summer 2020)

Hannah Solkowski

Hannah led the data collection project on tools involved in the assessment of symptoms of Overtraining, Female Athlete Triad, and Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrom in Sports. Her work in the lab recently was recognized with the Crocker Family Scholarship in Psychology (Awarded Summer 2020)

Bin Tan

Bin worked on examining/refining protocols for questionnaire critique. Bin's work focussed on examining the protocol's usability in the context of exemplar questionnaires of depressive symptomology and concussion sympotomology.


Current Undergraduate Students & other Lab Assistants

Current Honour's Students (Honours to be completed: April 2023)
Primary Supervisor: Kyle Bergh

Current starting before Spring 2017
Christina Tang (BA.Psychology/Mathematics minor; MA Psychology) -- started SFU Psychology HQT graduate program Sept 2018; finished Masters Spring 2022 -- -- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator

Current starting recently (since 2020)
Ailar Neshat (work-study funding)
Tina Wang (work-study funding)
Amy Batengas (volunteer)
Sara Pirouz  (volunteer)

Former Graduate Students (Primary Supervisor; select)

Miao Tang (MA, SFU), on the job market.
Patricia Wallis (MA. SFU), now Research Associate with Statistics Canada
Alexis Georgeson (MA SFU), now Graduate Student at UNC-Chapel Hill
Ron Yockey (PhD UT- Austin), now Faculty member at CSU-Fresno
Y-Y. Shieh (PhD UT-Austin), former Research Statff at American Institutes for Research, currently employed by US.Gov

Former Honour's Students (Primary Supervisor)

Lindsay Alley (2020 in progress , BA SFU), Kendall Award  recipient
Hannah Solkowski (2020, BA SFU). Crocker Scholarship recipient
Jamie Hystad (2019, BSc SFU)-- Crocker Prize recipient, BSc in Behavioral Neuroscience Program
Paul Serafini (2019, BA SFU) -- Honour's Prize recipient, now working in field
Natalie Kalmet (BA SFU), now Post PhD from Queen's University

Former Lab Assistants* and/or Directed Studies (select)

Alessandro Metta, now Graduate student in Clinical Psychology
Ramsay Malange, now MPH
Alison St. Arnaud B.A. Linguistics/ minor Psychology, Spring 2016-Summer 2017, now in graduate school in Speech and Language Pathology at UBC
Jane Buckshon (Psychology/Sociology) B.A. in progress; RA Summer 2015-Summer 2016 (workstudy funding Spring 2016)
Victoria Saunders (Psychology/Kinesiology) B.A. s; workstudy RA Spring 2016
William Lou (Statistics) B.Sc in progress; work-study RA Summer 2017, starting co-op with Federal Government in data analysis
Sarah Yorston (Criminology/Political Science), Spring 2017 (workstudy funding), on International Exchange in Sweden Fall 2017
Michael McCahon (Psychology), Summer 2017-Spring 2018
Adrienne Khaw (Psychology) formerly on International Exchange, Study Abroad in Singapore in Spring 2017; Spring 2016-Summer 2019; now in graduate school in Occupational Therapy at UBC
Hannah Fikkert (Psychology/Counselling & Human Development), Spring 2017-2018
Ali-Reza Ahmadi (Computer Science-FIC) Summer 2018
Lihang Ye (Economics), Workstudy Summer 2018
Ka Wai Sim (Computer Science), Spring 2018
Pooya Jamali (Computer Science) Workstudy Spring 2018
Bita Aghahossein Parsa (Health Sciences), Workstudy Spring 2018
Tova Dang (Health Sciences, Minor in Linguistics) Workstudy Spring 2018
Julia Hindy (Psychology), Summer 2017-2018 + Directed Studies; Crocker Scholarship Recipient
Paul Serafini (Psychology), Summer 2017-Spring 2019/graduation + Directed Studies; Roles: Lab Assistant, Lab Coordinator
Su-young Lee (Health Sciences), Spring 2019 (workstudy funding)
Georgia Hume (Health Sciences, Summer 2019 (workstudy funding)

Jacob Vlug (Psychology), Fall 2018-2020 (volunteer)
Bin Tan (Psychology), + Directed Studies & Honours: Summer 2019-April 2021 (volunteer) -  -- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator
Rosie Tran (Psychology), Fall 2018-2020 (workstudy funding)
Preeya M. (Statistics), Fall 2018-2020 (workstudy funding)
Travis McLellan (Psychology), Fall 2018-2020 (work-study funding: Fall 2019)
Hannah Solkowski (Psychology), +Directed Studies & Honours Fall 2019 -- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator
Armina Salemi (Engineering), Fall 2019-2020 (work-study funding)
Kaylee-Dawn Audet (Psychology), Fall 2019-2020 (work-study funding)

Bryan Chen (Data Sciences), Fall 2019-2020 (work-study funding)
Adam Liang (Computer Science), Summer 2019-2020 (work-study funding)
Vinay Lohana Lohana (Data Sciences), Fall 2019-2020 (work-study funding)
Zhi Yuh Ou Yang (Statistics/Actuarial Sciences), Spring 2017-2020(workstudy funding)
Lindsay Alley (Psychology/Philosophy), + Directed Studies & Honours; Summer 2018-2020 (volunteer) -- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator
Jamie Hystad (Behavioral Neural Sciences/Psychology), + Directed Studies & Honours ; Fall 2016-2020 (volunteer) -- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator

Former starting recently (since 2020)
Jonas Lam (Spring 2022, (work-study funding))
Camyrn Yuen
Sylvia Guan (work-study funding)
Michael Lao (work-study funding)
Joy Lee-Shi
Tina Yeung (work-study funding)
Bohao Zhang (work-study funding)

Tomi Mustapha (Math/Computer Science), Summer 2017-Fall 2017 Spring 2018-Fall 2018 (workstudy funding), Spring 2018-Fall 2019/graudation-- Role: Lab Assistant, Project Coordinator

*Volunteer RAs and Work-study RAs included