Supporting refugee children

What is Reach?

REACH is a partnership of individuals committed to understanding the experiences of refugee children with dis/abilities, their families and those that teach them. Beyond research alone, the REACH partnership seeks to find practical solutions to complex challenges in an effort to translate research into 'on the ground' practices that support improved participation in educational options during the migration process and beyond.

Our Approach



We believe in the self-worth and dignity of ALL people, where the individual’s independence, voice, and right to informed consent is valued, and attempt to support all cultural perspectives on education.



We recognize economic or developmental factors that affect access to education, and we are committed to reducing educational inequities through our activities and advocacy.



We believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or other economic or developmental factors should have access to an appropriate and wide range of integrated education and social services.



We recognize the role that community plays in the livelihood of its residents and the importance of developing community partnerships and engagement, encouraging community development, and providing community education.



We believe in human collectivity and its power. “The power of humanity” is the strength of individual commitment and the force of collective in order to relieve suffering, ensure respect for human dignity and ultimately create a more humane society.

About this research

REACH research aims to gain a better understanding of the educational challenges faced by refugee children with disabilities (RCDs) throughout their migration journeys, particularly during and after the global pandemic.

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Research team

Learn more about our research team who aim to develop a dynamic and practical repository of knowledge and resources related to the support of refugee children with dis/abilities.

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