The AGRO modeling system (AGRO) is a Microsoft Excel® based application developed by Don Mackay and Frank Gobas that combines a water quality model with a food web model to estimate exposure to aquatic species from pesticides in a user-defined water body. A major feature of this system is its capability to incorporate dynamic functionalities which allow the user to introduce changing environmental and emission conditions so that the fate and bioaccumulation results of numerous chemicals can easily and efficiently be compared. See the following paper for more details: 

Gobas F.A.P.C., H. Lai, D. Mackay, L.E. Padilla, A. Goetz, S.H. Jackson. 2018. AGRO-2014: A Time Dependent Model For Assessing The Fate And Food-Web Bioaccumulation Of Organic Pesticides In Farm Ponds: Model Testing And Performance Analysis. Science of the Total Environment 639: 1324–1333.

AGRO-2014 Model (v.1.2)