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ImageTech Lab

SFU's ImageTech Lab is a world-class medical imaging research facility—the first lab of its kind in Western Canada. The lab, embedded at Surrey Memorial Hospital, promises to bring rapid innovations to medical imaging and will be a cornerstone in Surrey’s Health Technology District.

The lab provides a unique combination of high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) together with high-density magnetoencephalography (MEG).

Used together, the high field 3T whole-body MRI and high-density 275-channel MEG offers researchers unparalleled possibilities to “watch the brain in action” by visualizing and combining a range of different powerful measures of brain function and structure.

These sophisticated medical imaging tools will enable the region’s top health innovators to bring rapid advances in the treatment of devastating brain disorders and diseases, brain injury, brain tumours, epilepsy, autism, Down Syndrome, aging and dementia, depression, addictions, and mood disorders.

The facility—representing many firsts—brings together a partnership between SFU and Fraser Health, to ensure British Columbia continues to be globally competitive in advanced brain and body imaging. The lab is made possible with initial funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and B.C. Knowledge Development Fund, and from generous contributions from Philips Canada, CTF and a number of other individuals and organizations.

If you have questions about the lab, please contact Carolyn Sparrey, scientific director, ImageTech Lab at


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