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SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub

Located at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus, the SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub is a new core research facility that brings together industry, community, academia and government partners to advance the clean energy transition.


More than $10 million in funding support announced for SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub

May 31, 2024

Over 100 guests gathered at SFU's Burnaby campus as representatives from founding partners PacifiCan, the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy, FortisBC, the B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and the City of Burnaby announced millions in funding support for the SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub.

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Clean Hydrogen Production from Burnaby to the World


As climate change intensifies, so does the need to reduce greenhouse gases and bring clean energy options to market.

In partnership with government, associations and leading companies in British Columbia and across Canada, the SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub will dramatically lower the costs of clean hydrogen production, while co-developing technologies and products to decarbonize the Canadian economy and export around the world.

The hub leverages SFU’s leadership in clean hydrogen research and industry partnerships and demonstrates SFU climate innovation in action. It is a testament to how SFU is engaging in global challenges and focused on creating positive change.

Situated atop Burnaby mountain, the hub will produce clean hydrogen and will be a one-megawatt testbed for advancements in emerging clean hydrogen technology. It will also serve as a global centre for research and innovation that will connect stakeholders across the value chain—from academic researchers to system developers and manufacturers, to community partners piloting clean energy solutions, and industry users in manufacturing, heavy duty transport and off-grid energy generation.


Founding Partners


British Columbia - Supported by the Province of British Columbia
City of Burnaby
CICE - B.C. Centre for Innovation & Clean Energy
Fortis BC
Pacific Economic Development Canada | Développement économique Canada pour le Pacifique

Scientific Director


Steven HoldcrofT

SFU chemistry professor Steven Holdcroft is an award-winning chemist who has spent over 30 years researching and developing advanced materials that are vital to the creation of sustainable energy technologies.

As the leader of the Holdcroft Research Lab, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Electrochemical Materials and the co-founder of the breakthrough cleantech company Ionomr Innovations, Steven is uniquely positioned to lead the SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub to make a difference for Canada and the world. 


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Be a Part of Canada's Clean Energy Future

We are Canada's trusted innovation partner—and we want to hear from potential research, industry, government and NGO partners interested in leveraging clean hydrogen technology to make a difference to our communities, economies  and the global climate crisis. SFU works with you.

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