Alertus Desktop Alerts

Alertus is a system that allows SFU to send a full screen message to all managed computers quickly in the event of an emergency.  Alertus will be used as part of the SFU Alerts program, which is outlined here.  Anyone working on an SFU-managed computer during such emergency, will be able to see the desktop alert.

Install Alertus

All computers installed with Alertus can receive the desktop alert. The Alertus icon can be found near the clock on your computer. If you do not see the icon on your computer, please contact your IT support person or submit an IT support ticket here to install the system.

How Does Alertus Work

During an emergency, you will see the desktop alert message at any point when you log in the computer. The message will inform the emergency and any needed action. To dismiss the full screen alert, click on the green Acknowledge button.

Computers that are not logged in during the emergency won’t show the alert on screen.

Does the alert make any noise?

No, there is no audible alert.

What language will be used for the alerts?

At this time only English is used.

I'm a system administrator for an SFU group, how can I install this on my machines?

If you are local IT staff, you will receive a message.  If you are not a part of this group but would like to install Alertus on your machines, please contact

Can I install Alertus on a personal device?

Yes, Alertus can be installed on personal computers however support may be limited.  Download links and instructions can be found here.

To allow for urgent push-notifications to your mobile device, download the SFU snap app here.

Does the system collect any personal information?

No personal information is gathered or transmited through Alertus.

Will an alert reach a laptop if it is off campus at the time?

Yes, as long as the computer has an internet connection it will receive the alert.

Where can I learn more about SFU Alert program?

More information about SFU Alerts program can be found here.
Or you can contact SFU Safety & Risk Services at for further inquiries.